Thursday, May 31, 2012

Getting Ready To Graduate from Hebrew School

The date of our Hebrew School graduation is June 2- not too long from today! I have been doing many things to prepare for the graduation. A few weeks ago Bonnie Cushing came to our Hebrew School and talked to us about the graduation. She is the celebrant who is helping plan the event. She gave us a “homework assignment.” We needed to have a blessing, dedication, and a Mitzvah Statement- a sentence explaining what we have learned throughout our experience at Hebrew School. Last week Bonnie came in and collected our assignments and more information for the graduation. I also took the pictures for the program last week. I took photos of everyone in my class, as well as all of the teachers in the Hebrew School. This morning in Hebrew School we all rehearsed reading our graduation papers and Paula, the teacher in charge of the papers gave us tips on how to make the presentation better. This afternoon Mom and I put together the graduation program on her computer. We have been doing all this work for my Hebrew School B’nai Mitzvah that we have almost completely forgotten about my Bat Mitzvah! Mom and I thought of a good centerpiece for the party, though- paper lanterns! Then maybe we can use some flowers for little side decorations. I will meet with Beth again soon, so I will keep you posted on work for my Bat Mitzvah. -Nicole

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