Monday, September 26, 2011

One Answer to Adoption’s Difficult Questions: NYT

Just read an amazing story in the New York Times about a mother's journey back to China to find the truth about her adopted daughter's past.
Check it out here:
One Answer to Adoption’s Difficult Questions

Sunday, September 25, 2011

One Roof, Three Generations

There's nothing new about this story, but I still love the use of multimedia in this NYT piece about three generations of a Chinese family living all in the same Chinatown building.


Meet Xiaoming, a 29 year old young lady with a very interesting ChineseandChosen story. She was born in Shanghai and moved to the US at age nine. Xiaoming recently discovered that her family has a Jewish ancestor through her maternal line. Digging through
history she has started a blog to trace her heritage, while working to promote cultural understanding between Chinese and Jews.

You can check out her blog and follow her journey here.
Thanks to Davi Cheng, Be’chol Lashon's Los Angeles Regional Director, for the connection.